Church Profile

Pollok Baptist Church was founded in 1952 and (in February 2019) has a current membership of 47 people with about 95 people of all ages attending its worship times on Sundays. The Church’s home in Haughburn Road is within walking distance of Silverburn Shopping Centre and sits next to Househill Park, in the heart of a wellestablished community, a recognised community of multiple urban deprivation. Close by, there are some private housing developments, as well as new developments in the last year by local housing associations.

Our faith in Jesus Christ, is our motivation for all our relationships and work with those we try to serve – it is the reason why we do what we do. We are inspired by Jesus Christ’s message, life and example – through which God’s unconditional love for all people is expressed – to work together to extend Jesus’ model of the Kingdom of God on earth, by living out a lifestyle of love, truth, justice, mercy and forgiveness, according to His teaching.

The congregation try to be friendly and approachable and continue to build upon our history of being there for the community to create a strong sense of local identity and through our various community activities last year impacted about 485 people in the local community. In the last year we have also provided hospitality to members of the public who helped with the Friends of Househill Park litter pick-ups and a venue, some of the entertainment, some financial support and the café at the local Househillwood & Priesthill Gala.

There are ongoing ministries to the community in the form of Messy Church (first Saturday of the month), a weekly club for children aged 3-12, a weekly community circuits (fitness) class, a weekly Youth Group for teenagers, a monthly women’s interest group (Pollok Women Together) and occasional Men’s Breakfasts, alongside the regular worship services and opportunities for prayer and Bible study.

PBC value every person who attends our activities and we have a robust Safeguarding Policy, we are a member of a safeguarding charity called Thirty-one: eight and encourage our workers and volunteers with children and vulnerable adults who might be at risk to take part in safeguarding training. Our safeguarding statement can be accessed here.


The Church encourages fellowship with Christians in other churches through its membership of the Baptist Union of Scotland and supports the work of other Christian mission organisations locally and abroad.

Who we would like to be?

A friendly approachable local community of God’s people rooted in obedience to God’s Word, characterized by the worship of His name and whose discipleship provides nurture, equipping, mobilizing and releasing – to produce disciple making disciples of Jesus.

A Church that strategically focuses on the twin goals of serving families and providing community care whilst increasing our awareness of and commitment to global mission. Care for the poor and vulnerable in society is important to us.

A Church that will witness growth through conversion, the return of prodigals and those God calls to come and serve alongside us. We seek to bridge the gap in being those God uses in reconciling others to himself.

A bible believing Church strong in prayer, servant leadership and discipleship that can meet every challenge in the strong name of Jesus.

Moving forward . . .

We at PBC are limited in meeting our wider objectives for community based and faith focused programmes due to the current design and layout of our building and are currently praying together about the viability of refurbishing and refitting the existing church building or demolishing it and rebuilding on the site to provide a more appropriate and higher standard of facility to serve existing church and wider community needs. We value input to this discussion from members, the wider PBC family and members of our local community.

Pollok Baptist Church exists to glorify God through our worship and witness – showing the love of Jesus in our community.