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Join us on Sunday morning at 11am as we conclude our walk through Jude with Rev Dave Murray and then a fellowship meal. No evening service this week.

Circuits…its what we do

Thursday night is our launch night at Pollok for the circuits class. Cant promise you’ll enjoy it but you will be challenged and pushed towards a new you.


all levels welcome and lets do this for you.

£3 a class and your new you starts @6:30pm-7:30pm


its a community thing


Sunday’s coming

Join us this Sunday at 11am as Rev Dave Murray takes us through the beginning of the book of Jude, when he asks the question. What does a servant look like?  Sunday evening 6:30pm Mr Peter Trotter will be preaching.

Pollok Community Circuits Class

Coming to Pollok Baptist Church every Thursday night. A community circuits class that will take you off the couch, out the house and into a whole new world of you.

class time: 6:30pm-7:30pm

every Thursday from 9th November.

£3  a head, a community class with community prices.

beginners and intermediates and all levels of fitness welcome.

circuits: its what we do.