“Only a boy named David, only a little sling . . .”


On the 30th June, 16 children, 4 young helpers and 5 adults made their way to Sunny Saltcoats on Scotland’s west coast.  They set up camp in South Beach Baptist Church in Saltcoats (even the name makes you want to go there!)

The children had a fantastic time enjoying a huge range of activities – some loved the bungee jumping – brave souls – neither love nor money would get me to even try a bungee jump.  For others their highlight was going down the colourful water slides – with some of our campers managing around 100 times!   Sandcastle competitions, ice-skating and ten pin bowling were all enjoyed by the children (and adults . . . . even if some of them admitted to not being very good at the bowling.)

As ever the food was fab, and we all enjoyed seeing the various bracelets and necklaces that the children made.

There weren’t any complaints of homesicknesses nor sleepless nights – which is always a good sign.

At camp this year we were delighted to have some of our previous campers coming as young helpers – it’s thrilling to see them growing in their faith, and beginning to be involved themselves. One of them told us that she discovered “it was very stressful” being a young helper! (I wonder does she now have sympathy for the oldies who have been running camp for years?!)

Food, Fun, Games, Crafts, Competitions, Swimming, Bowling, Ice-skating – sounds like a very full week, and yet there was more! So much more – as one of the leaders said “It’s all about Jesus.”

The centre  of camp was the Bible teaching on the life of David – a young man whose heart was right with God, and who God used. Others saw him as a shepherd, God saw him as King.  In the daily “Happy Hour” the songs, the teaching, the prayers – everything, was a way of showing the children that God is real and has a plan and purpose for their lives.

In the group quiet times the campers had the opportunity to discuss what it means to be a Christian, to learn for themselves the importance of reading their Bibles and praying, and how to live for God – even when others don’t care about Him.

We were so privileged in church to hear some of the campers and young leaders report on their week in camp, to see the joy in their faces – they’d had a chance to catch up on their sleep! But the greatest privilege of all was hearing a young boy tell of how he had made his heart right with God during the week, and was able to truly sing “The Lord is MY Shepherd.”

And so camp is finished for another year, a huge thank you to Anne and the team who invested their time, so that the young people of Pollok Baptist could have not just fun, but learn about the greatest gift of all.


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